Academia ERP


  • Feature rich dashboard that shows summary of action points and important data in the system
  • User specific data with functions like graphing, asynchronous updates minimize and maximize options
  • Enable and disable widgets from user right management
  • Separate widgets for students, faculty, officers and administrators
Multiple Institute Management

  • Create & Managing Multi Centre Record with complete detail
Admission Management

  • Define & Manage Campaign record, Total Expenses on Marketing Activities
  • Managing Database of Prospective Students, Inquires, Source of Inquires
  • Manage MIS of Form Sales, out of Total Inquiries
  • Student Registration Information
  • Final Conversion or Enrolled Student Information out of Total Registration
  • GD & PI can be planned
  • Introductory mail and SMS can be sent
  • GDPI call letter & SMS can be sent
  • Offer letter can be sent on SMS & Mail
Student Information System

Detailed student profile with photo
Student login info
Reports for a student. Can be customized for the institute, topics include:

1. Conduct report: Behavior in the institute, involved in anti-social activities like ragging, etc
2. Activity report : Participation in games, sports, event management, social activities
3. Performance in recognized state/nation and international level tests and competitions
4. Placement details : Designation, company, package
  • Alumni-member no.
Degree/Class Management

Create and manage the different classes/degrees that are run in the institute
Student login info

1. Define Degree Name
2. Define Degree Nature (Yearly, Semester, Trimester)
3. Define Degree Length

Enroll/Un-enroll students in a degree/class
Course Management

Create and manage courses being offered by the institute
Define Course Code, Syllabus, Books and other information related to a course
Map courses to degrees i.e courses being offered in a degree
Enroll students in a course and manage current and carry over courses
Extensive collaboration tools for interactivity between faculty and students and also among peers
Tools to manage homework, and assessments
Various communication tools including chat, discussion boards for knowledge sharing
Teacher feedback

  • Grading and performance reporting system
Time Table Management

Generate schedule for classes, faculty and resources such as rooms, auditorium
Graphical representation of booked resources

  • Automatic timetable generation for students
Attendance Record Management

Attendance record for each course studied during the tenure at institute
Generate reports for students and courses
Academia Pro: Ability to integrate biometric devices/smart cards for student attendance

Certificates and Document Management

Student can request certificates that he/she wants to get issued
Certificate can be associated with fees for automatic linkup with fees management
Auto approval, manual approval/ rejection and complete certificate/document issue management
Print the certificates/documents directly on institute stationery on pre-defined format
Documents handed over at time of admission. The list of documents can be customized for the institute.

  • Certificates and Documents at time of graduation. The list of documents can be customized for the institute.
Fees Management

Create and manage fee heads and sub - heads with mapping to respective students & degrees
Manage challans, receipts, student ledger, student waivers, scholarships, fee payment in installments etc.
Generate reports pertaining to daily/weekly/monthly fees collections, student outstanding amount, student
statements and other accounting reports

  • Ability to link this module to your existing Accounting system for seamless integration with your accounting department
Mark sheet Management

Create and manage different heads and sub-heads for marking scheme
Store marks for each student for each course with mapping to degree/course
View/print student marksheets
Announce institute results on the intranet/internet. Each student can then see the results in his/her account

Hostel Management

Maintain details about hostels in the institute. Maintain information related to total number of rooms, room
type, warden, manager, etc.
Store and retrieve student information
Ability to link hostel management with fees management module for seamless integration of hostel and mess fees

  • Report generation for hostel occupancy and other related reports
HR & Payroll Management

Maintain comprehensive employee record
Define and manage salary sheet generation with TDS, PPF, ESIC and Professional Tax
Manage employee time sheet, attendance and leave
Manage visiting/temporary faculty and staff members
Manage employee review and performance evaluations
Ability to link payroll information with accounting system

  • Ability to integrate biometric devices / smart cards for employee attendance
Inventory/Store Management

Create and maintain list of categorized products and items
Issue/book/distribute items to departments/faculty
Generate resource utilization reports with the feature to book/block items and check availability

  • Generate various reports to item utilization, department-wise issue/pending items, and other related reports
Library Management

Create and manage book records Issue/receive books to students/faculty
Reserve/request books
Search books based on various parameters such as ISBN,Author Name
Generate reports on Book History, Student History, Utilization of books

  • Define/manage late fine
Alumni Management

Create and maintain a complete database of details of alumni
Real-time communication with and among alumni via message boards, SMS, email and file-sharing
Jobs/ vacancies can be posted by Alumni for the benefit of all the other Alumni or for the graduating batch on campus
Alumni can search the profiles of others by various parameters such as Name, Last Name, Company, Graduation year etc.
Birthdays/ Anniversary this month

  • Photographs can be shared by the Alumni
Placement Management

Maintain a complete database of details of students appearing in placements
Maintain an institute profile which can be viewed by potential recruiters, and a company database
Standard student resumes
Real-time communication with the students via message boards, SMS, file sharing
Comprehensive recruitment calendar

  • Several reports for placement - related data

A host of reports can be generated and extracted from the system that give the management access to real - time information.

  • Owing to the flexible architecture of Academia, the above list of features can also be customed to meet the requirement of the institution with ease.