EventLog Analyzer

EventLog Analyzer
ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer is a web based, real time, cross platform, agent-less event log and application log management software. The application collects, analyses, reports, and archives event log from Windows hosts, Syslog from any host, and application logs from IIS and MS SQL servers. EventLog Analyzer application generates graphs and reports that help in analysing internal security threat and regulatory compliance with minimal impact on network performance.

Key Features Key Benefits
  • Centralised event management
  • Real time monitoring
  • Comprehensive set of pre-defined reports
  • Customisable report profiles
  • Scheduled event reporting
  • Powerful multi-level filters and drill-down
  • Compliance reporting to meet PCI-DSS, GLBA, HIPAA, and SOX acts
  • Historical trending
  • Advanced filtering & data management
  • Real time alerting & notification licensing compliance and the use of unauthorised software and act proactively to curb illegal usage and problems associated with it
  • Zero in on applications causing performance and security problems
  • Determine unauthorised access attempts and other policy violations
  • Identify trends in user activity, server activity, peak usage times, etc.
  • Understand security risks in your network
  • Monitor critical servers exclusively and set alerts
  • Alert on hosts generating large amounts of log events indicating potential virus activity
  • Identify applications and system hardware that may not be functioning optimally